Econiq – The Conversation Behavior Intelligence People

For over a decade Econiq’s multi-disciplinary team have been working with brand conscious organizations to improve Customer Experience through guided conversation. Econiq has the expertize, experience and technology to help guide your organization to Conversation Quality.

Conversation Behavior Engineers

An experienced and award-winning tech team created The Conversation Hub®. All the team have experience delivering solutions to Tier 1 brands around the globe.
Leading the team is the CTO Stephen Ryan.

Conversation Behavior Data Analysts

Our team of Conversation Behavior Scientists ensure that the conversations are measured accurately and provide evidence of the value of encouraging positive behaviors in every conversation.
Leading this team is Dervila Layden.

Conversation Behavior Crafters

Our Conversation Crafter team is made up of experienced Subject Matter Experts who have lived the day in the life of our clients. They use all their knowledge to craft winning behaviors into conversations which transform Customer Experience.
Leading the Conversation Crafter team is Cleve Cogswell.

Customer Behavior Consultants

This is the team that practices what we preach, encouraging and supporting our own clients to adopt positive behaviors to deliver a better Customer Experience to their customers.
Leading this team is Colin Piper.

econiq conversicons

Conversation Behavior Visualizer

Visualizing conversation behaviors is key to sharing conversation intelligence which is easy to use across the organization. Econiq’s unique Conversation Intelligence Pictures drive the behavior improvements across the organization and within the conversation itself.