Connect Through Conversation

The Conversation Hub

There are four key elements to The Conversation Hub

  1. Frontline Conversation Hub – Guide and Support Team Members
  2. Hub Central – Operational Support for the frontline, coach and dashboards
  3. Conversation Sentient – Sense and Respond: Executive Visibility, at a glance.
  4. HubMeets – Change Management and Continuous Learning

All the elements of The Conversation Hub are uniquely linked by Visual Conversation Pattern Transcripts. Think of Visual Conversation Pattern Transcripts as the DNA of a conversation.


Start Your Six-Week Conversation Value Journey Today

Let us take you on a journey that will connect you to your customers and release untapped value through conversation.

Experienced Econiq Conversation Consultants specializing in Conversation Crafting, Strategy and Value will guide you on your journey.

Your journey begins with four steps.

  1. Identify your Most Valuable Conversation – a conversation that is key to your overall strategy
  2. Determine your Top Ten Conversation Value Adds and how they support your Most Valuable Conversation – across your four target values of Revenue, Cost/Productivity, Compliance and Customer Experience.
  3. Our consultants then take your Top Ten Conversation Value Adds and craft them into The Conversation Hub.
  4. At the end of six weeks you will get:

– Production ready Conversation Hub that supports your Most Valuable Conversation
– Operational Support for Coaches, Team Leaders and Managers
– Executive Visibility through The Conversation Sentient
– A Five-Year Value Forecast delivered by our Conversation Value Consultant

Our experienced conversation consultants have a well-tested methodology that will help you start and progress on this journey. To get started all you need is for a small number of your experienced managers and frontline team members to engage with Econiq conversation consultants.

The Conversation Hub has been designed to sit on any desktop system in any environment and deliver transformational value fast without impacting existing mission critical systems, IT staff resources or working practices.

We are The Color Conversation Company. Join us on the journey today.

The Conversation Hub™ from Econiq adds color and value to conversation, transforms high-value complex customer conversations into color and converts color into real value at lightning speed.