Conversation Partners

Working with an elite group of management consultancies Econiq is already live and delivering significant value from customer conversations in branches and contact centers for a number of American and European Banks and Insurance companies.

IBM Watson

A cognitive system enabling a new partnership between people and computers. Powering the Conversation Hub to extend and expand conversations.


With 2,000 seats and providing award-winning service to 1.6 million Irish households, Abtran is Ireland’s leading provider of customer and business process management services across regulated markets.

The Grey Matters Network

Solving short-term and medium-term capacity and capability challenges through a network of proven professionals.

Clarity Advantage

Clarity Advantage’s bank training strategies are top-notch, helping business bankers provide value beyond the product.

The Conversation Hub™ from Econiq adds color and value to conversation, transforms high-value complex customer conversations into color and converts color into real value at lightning speed.