Conversation Quality (CQ)

To truly achieve a level of sustainable conversation quality across your branch network, you need to have confidence that customer conversations start every time the opportunity presents itself. You must also be able to track Conversation Quality.

The Conversation Hub for Branch™ gives you that confidence. Not only does it automatically spot opportunities for a customer conversation, it also makes these conversations easy to hold using its dynamic and intuitive color guide.

Crucially The Conversation Hub for Branch™ also tracks and scores every conversation for Conversation Quality (CQ). It is now possible to see your CQ Score™ in real time.


Conversation Assessments

As part of our on-going research Econiq has carried out Conversation Assessments on over 200 of the top North American retail banks.

Using our awarding winning solution, The Conversation Hub for Branch™, we are specialists in enabling brand-conscious banks make the most of every valuable customer visit to a branch.

Our findings show that four out of five opportunities in branches to start a meaningful customer conversation are missed!

These valuable in-branch conversations are potentially worth $50,000 per branch per year and are also proven to increase the lifetime value of every customer.

We are currently conducting in-branch Conversation Assessments across North America. If you’d like us to assess your Conversation Quality Score and help your bank stay competitive in this fast-moving market then – contact us.

Contact us today to request a Conversation Assessment.