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Econiq’s Conversation Hub® Honored in BankNews 2017 Innovative Solutions Awards

BankNews Innovative Solutions Awards 2017

Econiq has announced that its solution, The Conversation Hub®, was recognized with an honorable mention in this year’s BankNews Innovative Solutions Awards. Econiq is a conversation behavior intelligence company whose Conversation Hub simplifies high-value, complex conversations for banks’ frontline employees and provides executive leadership with complete visibility into these conversations.

BankNews’ Innovative Solutions Awards, now in its tenth year, is recognized as one of the industry’s most prestigious for companies that serve community banks, helping them to improve operational efficiencies, increase their competitive advantage, enhance technical capabilities and drive profitability. Econiq’s Conversation Hub was highlighted within BankNews’ “Best Consulting, Outsourcing and Training” category, which recognizes solutions that enhance internal efficiencies and, ultimately, help banks better serve their customers.

“Bank employees are tasked with more responsibility than ever before. Not only are they guiding customers through the onboarding process and serving their individual needs, but they must also maintain strict compliance standards while educating customers on banking products and making time for high-quality conversations,” said Jim Callan, CEO of Econiq. “The Conversation Hub allows bankers to identify which conversation behaviors they want to replicate across their entire workforce, and provides a system that guides employees through those customer-facing conversations in a way that elevates base level performance for every employee.”

The Conversation Hub quickly snaps on to any system to track customer-facing conversations in real-time across all channels. Once analysed, the information is used to craft a color-coded pathway for frontline employees to follow throughout each conversation, maximizing productivity, compliance, revenue and the customer experience. The Conversation Hub also provides executives with a Conversation Intelligence Picture, a color-coded visualization of all the conversations taking place across an organization, equipping management with actionable insights into customers, competitors, products and markets. These insights allow management to make adjustments to their employees’ conversation behaviours in real-time, improving their performance and facilitating conversation excellence throughout their organization.

About Econiq

For over a decade, Econiq’s multi-disciplinary team has worked with brand-conscious organizations to improve their customer experience through guided conversations. Econiq has the expertise, experience and technology necessary to guide a company towards conversation excellence. Guiding and observing hundreds of millions of conversations in contact centers and branches, Econiq understands that the ability to hold a naturally following conversation in this environment is determined by a combination of winning conversation behaviours, which are exhibited by a company’s top performers. Econiq has developed an approach that quickly models those winning conversation behaviours and applies them across any organization, making it easy for any employee to hold a consistent, high-quality conversation with any customer. Combining its experienced Conversation Behaviour Consultancy with its award-winning solution, The Conversation Hub®, Econiq works closely with clients to achieve conversation excellence. Every conversation is made visible and available to frontline support teams, operational managers and executives making it easy to move the middle and deliver sustainable value quickly and systematically. A client’s conversation can be crafted and snapped on to their back-office system(s) in as little as six weeks.

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