Value Conversation

Vital Signs of Conversation Value

Conversations are the heartbeat of your business. You need to see the impact
and value of each conversation on your business – anytime, anywhere.

  • Conversation Fitness: Are your frontline staff having the quality conversations you need them to have?
  • Customers: Where in your conversations do customers engage?
  • Competitors: Where in your conversation are you losing and winning business from competitors?
  • Products: Is there a disconnect between your products and the needs of your customers?
  • Markets: Is there a difference in conversation effectiveness across your markets?

Conversation Target Values

The Conversation Hub delivers and measures value across four key areas.

  1. Efficiency – Time is made for the conversation
  2. Compliance – Every conversation is protected
  3. Customer Experience – Customers are actively listened to in every conversation
  4. Revenue – Every team member has sales and service savvy conversations

The Conversation Hub™ from Econiq adds color and value to conversation, transforms high-value complex customer conversations into color and converts color into real value at lightning speed.